Prince of Twinks – Meet Tigger Redd @Tigger_ReddXXX

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The definition of a twink is A young, attractive, usually slender or physically fit gay male. If that doesn’t describe Tigger Redd, then I don’t know what does. A strikingly handsome guy with an exceptionally phat booty on a slender cute frame. Tigger Redd has made his lasting remark on the industry. From working with Black Rayne to RawStrokes to various other mainstream studios, Tigger is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t let his size fool ya.

A fully vers model, Tigger is known for taking massive dicks like Cutler X, Mr. Cali. Redd, Knockout and others, while at the same time can slang some dick as well. We found this video va Pornhub. Check it out.

The Tigger Effect 

When asked what he does in his spare time it was simple…”I’m pretty much a homebody.”
With more than 20 scenes in his arsenal, he says he’s a regular guy who one day may want to be “this naked person on social media showing off to the entire world and other times I like to be by myself and quiet.” But don’t the quiet demeanor fool ya cause Tigger’s dream shoot is to be gangbanged. “I’ve always had that fantasy to be took control by a group of dudes using me for both our pleasures.”

Selfie Time

Working with Black Rayne

Tigger has done several scenes with Black Rayne, more notably and probably his most well-known scene was with fan favorite Mr. Buck. I have to say I have filmed a lot of movies in my day but the chemistry and the action in this flick was epic. From the trees to the ground to the back patio, the fucking was nothing less than award-winning.

Even Tigger would agrees stating, “Me and Mister Buck, it was something different for us with the outdoor element and we had mad chemistry throughout the day.”

Check out the trailer.


The Photoshoot


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