Damn He Bold As Fuck @i_amduriel



Duriel is a sexy Texas boy with an appetite for adventure. Ever been at the gym working out and a sexy dude walks by in tight compression shorts or basketball shorts with no undies. You can see the print, u can see the shape of his perfect ass. Your dick gets hard and your ass gets wet, but damn it’ll take you 30 mins to get home so you can bust a nutt. So why not just use what you got, the LOCKER ROOM! With guys walking back and forth Duriel does just that. Pulls out his DILDO and gets him a good stroke session done. Check it out. Courtesy of Pornhub.com

Nothing Like a run To Walmart

Yep, good ole Wally World. Waiting on his car he decided to pull his dick out and spray the floor with good creamy nutt while some unsuspecting lady is in the background. Watch ya step, slippery when wet! LOL Courtesy of Pornhub.com

Black Rayne Debut

In 2018 we decided to bring Duriel up to the A and see what we could capture for the fans. Check out his promo video and pics. Hes a sexxy guy with a love for stroking and bussing phat nutts anytime, anywhere!

Check out his exclusive photo shoot with Black Rayne .

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Casmir says:

    I love this and i want to become a ponestar

  2. Casmir Chuks says:

    I love this and i want to become a ponestar

    1. Busstinnutts says:

      How do i become one of yall model i cant wait to feel duriel dick in my ass

  3. Rex says:

    Very Sexy Man…Dammm

    1. kelvin white says:


  4. Reggie says:

    Damn that hole looks “lickable”

  5. Mitch Ward says:

    does he bottom?

  6. Angusian says:

    Love it !
    Such amazing solo performances !
    How about some duos and group action?

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