Someone’s Waiting!

He text me and asked if he can come over before he went home. I text him back and told him I would see him soon.

When he arrived, he looked so good. Like a special made hand crafted dessert. All I could think about was how I was going to swallow all he had to give me. When he took a seat on the bed, his phone began to ring. As he rolled his blunt he pressed the silence button and right then I knew who it was. I knew he was married, but I didn’t care. For some reason it added to the excitement that I had about our situation.

The fact that he was sneaking made me hot inside. The less time he had to spend with me didn’t even matter. For some reason the usual expectations didn’t apply to him. I just liked to know that he made time for me and it was our secret.

As he started to pull his blunt he laid back and I started to kiss on his neck. He let out a soft moan and all I could do was began to work my way down to the dick.

The way his dick stands up makes my mouth water. The way the vein pulsates as my mouth traces its imprint makes me want to make sure I give it the best mouth work ever.

I begin to make him feel good as he puts out his blunt. He spreads his legs apart and wraps his hands around my head. He pushes my head down until my throat is filled with dick. The way he uses the head of his dick to massage the back of my throat makes his dick get so hard. As I let him fuck my throat with no mercy he begins to reach his peak. As he begins to explode in my mouth he can’t help but yell “fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Yep. I got him all the way there and it’s something that keeps him coming back. Now he can go home to her. I know she’s waiting!

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  1. Lloyd Gjavor says:

    Fuck I’m ready for a few days of the biggest and thickness black cocks fucking my guts out and makeing me fucking swollow loads of cum

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