#FH2022 Get Sloppy! |”Oral Situations” @butta_nutt @princeleewilson @captainhook_69 @thankyoumeezus @black_rayne #JoinTheBreed

Nothing goes better with naked boys and liquor than an oral orgy. Prince Lee headlines this While he may present himself as demure and shy, hes actually quite a simmering pot of oral intensity bubbling just under the surface. Also featuring Butta Nutt, Captain Hook and QTip the 4 take turns serving and servicing each others dicks and asses.

There’s a freaky ritualism to the whole situation as Butta masterfully takes Prince to the side, says he’s gonna do it his way. Lying prone dick to dick and skin to skin, he begins slowly grinding and pressing his weight and meat against Princes throbbing manhood. SWITCH!!! The flip flop commences and Prince’s face is buried between those brownskinned buns as he laps and slurps like a homeless man for water. All the while Captain Hook is gracefully giving 11inch QTip a run for his money as he twerks on his dick with his mouth.

Eventually Captain Hook is instructed to get on his knees to receive not 1, not 2 but 3 creamy loads all over his waiting mouth and face. No oral orgy would be complete without the Hook’s face splattered with nutt.

Watch how it all goes down exclusively at BreedItRaw.net

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