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Clark Tatum isn’t shy about letting it be known that he chose porn as soon as he legally could. Like most teenage men, he was aware of porn, but also knew that he would have to wait until the time was right to be involved in the industry. As soon as that time came, Tatum made the leap and began. He’s already built a reputation as one who can really take dick, but even before you get to that part, you’re struck by his handsome, chiselled face. With plump lips, smooth skin, and a nice head of hair, Tatum may seem professionally sculpted to some, but he’s quick to clarify that his looks are natural (and that he is proud of them).

Tatum makes it clear that he loves a top who can dominate and handle a bottom (his favorite top is Krave Melanin), and his sexual appetite extends into his personal life as well. He’s got a bold personality and is full of witty one-liners. He’s a masturbator, because “sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands”; he prefers night sex because “I like to see my shadow or silhouette getting railed.” In his free time, he enjoys dancing, pottery, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. He also loves being social on social media, so follow Clark Tatum on Twitter, at: @clarktatum01 .

In His Own Words…

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Clark Tatum (Hot or Not?)
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