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Being a top adult content producer has helped Krave Melanin become one of the most recognized figures in Black gay porn.  Known for his masculine energy, dark skin, thick dick, and his status as a “power vers”, Krave brings something special and unique to himself to every scene he’s in. The model and content producer keeps his notorious figure by working out daily, but don’t be fooled by his physicality—Krave can be quite silly and playful when he’s comfortable. A bit of a daredevil, he enjoys public play “for the thrill of it”.  Fun fact: Krave Melanin identifies as bisexual and has a girlfriend. Twitter: @itsmeyoukraving | IG: @Kravemelaninofficial

Krave’s Milk Bath
Chocolate Gets that Caramel White and Creamy Nutt

Krave Melanin (Hot or Not?)
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Latest Release from Black Rayne Productions featuring Krave Melanin + Duriel

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  1. rextrek says:

    YES Please! Masculine Sexy AF ! …XXX’s !

  2. Ryan says:

    Krave’s amazingly hot!!

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