Bottom Appreciation

Recently during a group conversation, a few of the bottoms in the group expressed to the tops that they didn’t always feel appreciated. Allow me to explain! Based on the time and effort the bottoms take ensuring there are no accidents, they wanted some appreciation.

One of the tops expressed that, a clean hole is a part of being a bottom and shouldn’t warrant any special thanks.

One of the bottoms took it as far as to say, “I let you slide all up in it over and over again with no mistakes. Sometimes even going multiple rounds for a few hours just to make sure you get all that you desire! You need to thank me.” That’s deep!

This leads me to the question of,

“Bottoms, do you feel appreciated by your Top(s)?”

Considering your routine, and the effort you put into making sure you are fresh, clean, and deep dick ready, do you feel that your bottom shows his thanks enough? Or, do you consider good dick as a form of thanks? Interestinggggg!

Some say that having a top with good dick is all the payment that is needed for their efforts.

Some say all they want is a “Thank You” from time to time.

Others say they want to be acknowledged for having a clean, mess free hole.

What do you say? I need you to sound off in the comments and let me know how you feel.

Do you feel APPRECIATED by your Top(s)
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  1. Fendi says:

    I don’t think Tops really understand what we as Bottoms do have to do to ensure they enjoy their dive. Yes it is a part of hygiene, however, Bottoms like me go the extra 5 miles so he can swim all dayyyyyyyy.

    1. Black Rayne says:

      I agree. We see that sentiment a lot with some of the top models who get impatient with bottoms when they may have to refresh. But like I say better safe than sorry. And I tell the tops, go “refresh” ya dick lol

  2. Mister Vuitton says:

    I believe it’s an even exchange,
    good dick for clean hole!

    1. Black Rayne says:

      So if the dick ain’t clean then the hole…?? 😬😬

  3. Do you wear boxers or biefs? I wana bui em.

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