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Kai Neolani has chosen a career path that would make many folks twice his age blush, but at the end of the day he’s a 19-yr-old young adult like any other. Hailing from the West Coast this twink is new to the adult entertainment world, but you’d only know it if he told you.

He’s eloquent, cute, short, runway-model-thin, and freaky. How freaky? Kai Neolani enjoys riding dick but will also top just as quickly as he would “sit on it”, and on any given day, you can scroll through his Twitter profile to see self-recorded home videos of himself masturbating, messy cumshot included. He’s also clearly proud of his dick (a thick, veiney, curved piece with a heavy set of low-hanging balls); “can you handle this dick?” seems to be one of his favorite ways to greet his fans. With a dick and confidence like that, Kai Neolani can stay as long as he wants to.  | Twitter: @kaineolani

Kai Neolani (Hot or Not?)
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Kai Neolani in his own words…

In his element…

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