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From the second that you see Rico Pruitt slap his dick against newcomer Kai Neolani’s asscheeks, you know you’re in for a show; but even if that doesn’t grab you, King Baee stroking his massive dick next to them while sucking Pruitt’s balls will do it.

Fucked + Creamed – Official Trailer Release

There’s nothing like a verbal twink, and for anyone who likes to hear a bottom moan as he takes dick, Kai Neolani is a dream come true—he’s not afraid to let you know that he loves it or that he really loves it. Of course, Rico Pruitt and King Baee have excellent chemistry, and this rubs off—pun intended—on newcomer and youngest of the three. Rico Pruitt and King Baee enjoy Kai Neolani together, but also don’t shy away from showing love to each other’s dick with their throat.This scene feels part initiation (for Kai Neolani) and part “we know what the fuck we’re doing”, and Kai Neolani is one to watch for sure.

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Watch Rico Pruitt + King Baee swap head and feast on phat jiggly booty

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