Training Day- Let The STRETCH Begin 🔥🎥Now Playing🎥🔥 feat. @MisterBuck007 @KinqBaee @black_rayne

Here, we get to see King Baee like we’ve never seen him before: bottoming for the first time on camera. There’s something about a big-dicked bottom and there’s nothing like a man who’s not scared to take a big dick in his mouth even while he’s topping. In this scene we get both! King Baee got dick, and Mr. Buck can suck dick, but the real party starts with King Baee’s initiation…or, call it his training.

Mr. Buck spends a good time getting King Bae’s “boy-pussy”—as he often likes to call ass—ready for his dick, spitting and fingering: but how many of us would be ready for a dick like that on our first try bottoming on camera? King Baee does the best he can and takes the dick for as long as he can until he taps out. Since this was only Training Day, they can always try again. Besides, King Bae’s dick was hard as fuck while Mr. Buck was inside him, so at the very least, we know he loved that shit.


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