A Rebel Encounter – The THROAT GOAT is baccck!@rebel61388 @black_rayne MenOfTheBreed.net

Rebel’s body itself is a work of art, and he treats it like his canvas. There’s the tattoos, the grills, the piercings and inserts, the dyed facial hair, and those hairstyles and cuts that fans just can’t seem to get enough of. As is expected of Geminis, Rebel will not hesitate to remind anyone that he’s a Gemini, and if he doesn’t tell you himself, his unapologetic, in-your-face personality will remind you. The model has been with Black Rayne Productions for 4 years and has remained a fan favorite, largely for his expert-level head game (deepthroating being his specialty), and the fact that the brother can really take dick (when it comes down to it, he identifies as a vers-bottom).

New fans will appreciate that Rebel is a true vers in every sense of the word. In scenes where he tops, he’s verbal, confident, and in absolute control, and when he bottoms, he gives himself to his top, never running from any challenge.

Rebel (Hot or Not?)
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Working with Black Rayne

Demetrios Long + Rebel

Get into this facial tho…

Rebel Unleashed feat. Mr. Buck + Holliwud + Rebel

Double Fucked and Creampied

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  1. Rextrek says:

    Another is a List of Sexy AF Men / Confident masculine Men who Love Cock..and Cock Bustin’ in Them..AMAZING! …and that Demetrios Long…damm, I’d Never let him Pull Out! That HOT Man Cums like a fountain…I’d wanna Feel the Flood! All around Black Rayne is Sizzling! Ssssssss XXX”s!

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