Elijah Wilde Makes His @black_rayne debut @ElijahWilde_ Meet The New Guy

Urged by fans to create an OnlyFans account on the strength of a successful dance career as a go-go boy in New York, Elijah Wilde took his chance and fully threw himself into the world of adult film. He’s handsome, has a body that most would envy, and doesn’t shy away from leaving a little hair on it for those who want to see that on a man. His well-placed tattoos give him just the right amount of edge while his eyes invite you closer.

Like many men who are into men, Wilde appreciates a nice dick, and fans may be pleasantly surprised to know that this includes his own dick—despite being in an industry where sex is readily available, Elijah Wilde is not above masturbation. A sexy man who understands the importance of self-pleasure is a man worth watching for sure.

Elijah Wilde (Hot OR Not?)
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Backstage Access Granted: Elijah Wilde

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  1. Aj says:

    Elijah is Very sexy all day and night He definitely can get it Plus flipfuck if into it

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