Special Delivery feat. @IamMrMysterio @deelight0807 @black_rayne

Enter an intimate moment with Mysterio as he prepares himself for an evening with King DeeLight. Watch him as he readies his ass for the taking through self-pleasure (he fucks himself with his favorite dildo) and admires his body, as if he knows he is about to deliver himself to King DeeLight like a meal worth devouring

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King DeeLight, on the other hand, enters the scene in his work clothes, from a hard day’s work. Mysterio wastes no time treating his man with the best head and ass, because: how else do you treat a man after a long day? Not to be outdone, King DeeLight gives the dick to Mysterio, his meaty ass bouncing as he tears into his bottom, giving your eyes a feast all around. But dont be fooled, Mysterio aint letting off that dick til it spit all over his pretty face. Don’t waste a drop.

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  1. Rextrek says:

    Lookin’ forward to this….I like what I see..Grrr WOOF! XXX’s !

  2. Bacon Bit says:

    Huge Deelight fan. Happy to see him in a scene here.

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