Pretty Boy Pruitt Takes a Wilde Ride @_ricopruitt @ElijahWilde_ @black_rayne

Elijah Wilde’s and Rico Pruitt’s contrasting skin tones offer the eyes an unbelievable feast, but it’s the intensitisity they create together that will make it impossible for the viewer to look away. Pruitt knows how to please, and makes this clear with his ridiculous head game.

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Elijah Wilde doesn’t hold back from expressing his pleasure, letting his eyes roll all the way back. He then returns the favor by fucking Rico Pruitt in a way that keeps Pruitt’s dick rock hard while riding. At one point Wilde folds his bottom up like a pretzel on the bed, and even Rico Pruitt seems shocked at the shapes and angles his own sexy body can get into. This is one to watch, and it’ll leave you grabbing tissues—and yourself—for sure..

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