The FreakzTa Woos the Prince and gets that Nutt. @black_rayne @princeleewilson @freakztat

In a sinfully erotic scene that is as sensual as it is primal, fan favorites Freakzta and Prince Lee go to work on each other, and from the start it’s clear that they are not about games. Both men do what needs to be done to each other’s tastefully tattooed bodies, and while there is a clear distinction between top and bottom, they are both on top of their game.

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Prince Lee’s piece, while not freakishly big, is the perfect size for maximum pleasure without discomfort, and he gives the dick to Freakzta good. Freakzta doesn’t shy away, and receives Prince Lee’s punishing but pleasurable strokes like the pro that he is. Still, the scene stealer here is the way Freakzta works Prince Lee’s dick with his mouth, and how Prince Lee doesn’t let him stop ‘til they’ve both had enough. Both guys know what they want (and they get it), and you’ll definitely want to see what that is.

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