Mama, IM GAY! @black_rayne. We Wanna Hear “Your Story!”

Coming Out! Saying the words, “I’m gay” have changed countless lives! It’s a story we’re familiar with, but we want to hear your coming out stories for an upcoming documentary project.

The BR Team wants to hear from you! We are seeking coming out stories from Gen Z folks identifying as gay/SGL men (ages 18-25) as well Baby Boomers/Gen X  (ages 40 – 75+) from all over the country. For a chance to be featured in our upcoming project email us at ( with the following:

Subject: Docu-Series Interview


Topic: Please indicate which topic interest you:

  • Young Gay and Homless
  • Mama, Im Gay

Contact Phone:


Statement: (Brief explanation as to why you’d like to share your story and feel free to share a snippet with us)

Don’t fit those categories,  but have a particularly notable coming out story? Share it with us and we may still be able to feature your story in our upcoming project!

After we receive your information one of our producers will reach out to you to discuss your COMING OUT STORY.

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  1. Thulani says:

    WHO I AM?
    When I was about 11 years old. I can remember mast of the other boys in the sixth grade were starting to become attracted to girls, lots of boys would talk about how beautiful same of the girls bodies. When I heard these comments, would wander why don’t I feel the some way from time to time however I would see a boy in school that made my heart skip a beat. I wandered why I had these feeling, but not once did I ever think that I was GAY. I didn’t believe I was GAY because the things that other people said about GAY people wasn’t what I was once I turned the television on and saw Jerry Felwel preaching how GAY people were a danger to children.
    Because it made me think, ‘’I CONNAT BE GAY’’ because I am not like that at all! I was only 11 years old when Jerry said those things about me, but I will never forget his face on that TV. Some thereafter, I overheard some adults talking about GAY people, and they said that GAY here EVIL and those they chose to be GAYS, and the was against goals plan.
    I reasoned, ‘’I CONNET BE GAY, BECAUSE I DID NOT CHOOSE THESE FEELINGS AT ALL, PLUS I LOVE GOD VERY MUCH’’ another time, after I had recently earned 13. I heard someone say that GAY people was promise course. This person said that GAY people simply cared about having sex all the time.
    It enabled me to reason, ‘’I COULD NOT BE GAY BECAUSE THAT ISN’T WHAT I FEEL AT ALL’’. Soon thereafter I heard some people say that GAY people become GAYS because of a domineering, curtailing mothers and on absent father.
    I could not be GAY, I thought because my mother and father were still loving, caring people who raised me right, I put it out of my mind and again I was glad that I wasn’t GAY, when I thinned 15, I read an article that was written in the paper by a very well-known socially, concerto commentator. (He said that GAYS and LESBRONS people wanted to close all the churches and subvert our Christian values.
    Because I told myself that I just couldn’t be GAY. I regularly attended church each and every Sunday for from wanting to ‘’subsalt’’ Christian values, I wholeheartedly embraced them, but the truth always has a way of being found out and by the time I had turned 16, I could not lire to myself anymore the day come when I had to demit to myself that I was strangely attracted only to other men. The thought of being with a woman was completely and attend unnatural to me. I know than that I was GAY. Being GAY ain and f itself did not bother me. It was the church that caused me the mast pain. I was a normal teenager who was honest, did my homework. Enjoyed going out with my friends, having dinner with my family and attending my church. But I was dying inside. I was all alone and I could not share my feelings with any human being!

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