Twitter Dick!

I was on Twitter minding my business. I tweeted a tweet which read, “I do it with no hands. Hands are for those who lack supreme jaw, throat, and tongue muscles!” Yep. #iSaidWhatiSaid. LoL!

The moment I did that my DM’s started cranking and it was a wrap. One, in particular, stood out. He took a screenshot of my tweet and sent it to me stating, “Supreme Jaw functions?” And all I could do was smile.

We began to hold a conversation as he was interested in how I did it. I explained to him it’s one of those situations that I could show him better than I could tell him.

He expressed to me that it was his first time so he was a little nervous. After a few DM’s back and forth, we moved to text. Over the next few days we chatted here and there and I was on my best behavior. You know, by being on your best behavior, you make them drawn to you even more.

Finally, he was ready to take the leap. He caught me one morning before heading to the office. He asked if he could stop through, and I obliged.

Upon him walking into the house he began to grab on my ass. I escorted him to the room and told him to pull his clothes off. After he undressed he laid on the bed and I instantly wrapped my lips around the dick.

The dick was about 9.5/10 inches, 3.5 inches thick. A beautiful cinnamon brown piece of man meat, with a thick uncut head. His balls were meaty and had a great man scent to them. I really enjoyed sucking on the Twitter Dick. The way he would moan as my tongue went all around his shaft. The way he began to get louder as I put both his balls in my mouth and circled my tongue around them.

It was something about him that really turned me on. He was so masculine and beefy. The way he used his pelvis to shove his dick in my mouth really made me want to please him.

I made sure that I caught that first nut to let him know just how dedicated I was to this oral session. After he came, I decided to keep going. I performed a mouth-watering, dick-pleasing, ball slurping 2nd round.

The 2nd nut took him out. He moaned loud af and his body began to shake. I had proven to him that this mouth was a force and I was about my word.

Just to think! It all started as a piece of Twitter Dick!

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