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“I like it when he’s verbal and can praise u while grabbing yo heading guiding u up and down his dick allowing every inch of his dick to ease down my throat and throb in pleasure.”

Almighty Lipz

Pulling Back The Mask

Almightylipz has always been a freak. But in 2018 he hit the industry with a relentless ambition. To bully the bullies. His rise has been mainly behind a mask. When asked why; he replied, to add to the mystery and sexual energy. Lets take a quick peep into the World of Almighty Lipz and see what makes him a certified TOP BULLY.

The Bully Brand & Leveling Up

Seldom do you find adult entertainers who wanna up the ante so to speak and move outside of just sex in front of the camera. Ambition and focus is what Lipz has made his mantra. Its about the money but its also about the brand. The Bully has expanded his global reach to include t-shirts, masks and other novelties that will soon be offered by the brand. Visit the site to shop browse and support the movement!

As many studio performers emerge with cellphones and digital cameras, its much easier to promote your own content and make CHECK AFTER CHECK AFTER CHECK! Lipz has aroused the industry with his mind blowing blowjobs anywhere and everywhere possible. Taking it a step further the yellabone shows off just how well he can equally take dick. Check out his fan pages to get s sneak peek.

Stalk Him Out Online: AlmightyLipz

http://justfor.fans/Almightylipz Onlyfans.com/Almightylipz 

Working with Black Rayne

Almighty Lipz did his debut scene on BreedItRaw.net with fan favorite and Black Rayne vet – The dark “Knight”. Suited up and ready wit his red boy shorts on, he unzips Knights pants, drops to his knees and wakes up the dick. In a frenzy of positions, Knight fucks until the cream covers that booty. Then in classic fashion, Lipz snatches the soul AND the nutt right of Knights dick with hypnotizing precision. Check the preview below. See the entire scene exclusively at breeditraw.net.

What That Mouf Do Tho?

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