The Rapper vs. The Warehouse Worker

It started as a normal Tuesday. My brother had been in town all weekend so I was off the grid for the most part and just coming back around Tuesday. After dropping him to the airport, I came home and crashed as I was tired af!

I woke up around noon and got my day started. As I’m at the computer working on a few new updates for, I get a call from “The Rapper.” Pause!!

The Rapper is someone I’ve known for a few years. He is an upcoming artist on the indie scene and he is fine af. 5’10”, 137, Caramel Brown, Neat Locs, Clear Skin, Beautiful Feet and always puffin a blunt. He’s “straight” so it will never be anything with us but he loves my head. Yeah! It’s one of those situations. Unpause!

I answer his call and he’s just shooting the shytt. I know what he wants and he knows what he wants, but he will never just come out and ask for it. After about 9 minutes on the phone talking about NOTHING he tells me he’s around the way. Of course, I hit him with the, “You can stop through if you want.” He says he’s on his way. 

He gets to the house, pulls up in the driveway and begins to head into the house. The door is unlocked for him as always. He comes in and tells me to get off the computer and come in the bedroom. 👨🏿‍💻

As he enters the bedroom, he sits on the bed and begins to pull it all off.  He lays back and I climb in-between his legs and begin to go to work. I’m talking a full shift with overtime type of work. All mouth. Extra Throat. Extra wett. True Head!

I suck the dick. Lick his balls. Eat his ass and Suck his toes. The way in which he moans turns me on to a point that all I can do is ensure he enjoys this oral presentation and has a reason to come back. 

We go round for oral round for about an hour and thirty minutes. He bust 3 nuts in my mouth and I swallow all 3. By the time I’m done all he can do is exhale and lay back. I officially drained the fukkkkkkkk out of him. 

I smile to myself as I get up to get him his wet rag and towel. He cleans up and hits me with the “aite, I’m out!” And back to work, I go.  

Later in the evening, my youngin, the Warehouse worker hits me up. He had been trying to stop through all weekend but with my brother in town, it was a no go. 

I told him he could come through as I could tell he was missing this mouth. 

Upon his arrival, he went in the room and stripped butt naked. After stripping he laid in the bed and I began sucking on his nipples. With him, he likes to enjoy the whole experience so I take my time and give him the attention he seeks. Pause!

Let me fill you in on the Warehouse Worker. He’s 24 and recently broke up with his girlfriend. He is very introverted but loves some real nasty sloppy wett head. I don’t see him as often as he tends to always be on the opposite side of town, but when I do see him we make up for old and new. 

I’ve been messing with him for a few years. But he’s not one who can keep my attention so we go in and out with our dealings. Unpause!

I suck on his nipples for a few minutes, then begin to work my way down to the dick. He is super hairy so my road down is usually fast af to avoid any hair balls. LoL!

I give him the business as usual. Sucking dick. Eating ass and Sucking toes. I let him feel the throat, but not for as long as the Rapper as he gets that SPECIAL HEAD.  

I decided to try something new this time and I put my butt plug in his ass while I was sucking his dick. This combined with my already great head, ha! He was losing his mind. I gave him an intense 50 minutes of oral pleasure before he exploded in my mouth. 

As he let his load squirt in my mouth, I was rubbing his feet and the combination of the two made his moans so intense. 

He was unable to move for a while so he curled up and took a 20-minute nap. After which, he cleaned up, then ordered his Uber  

In all honesty, though they are both cool af, The Rapper just does something to me. His swagger is on 1000 and his sex appeal is on a million. Bruh is the TRUTH!

You ever had that guy who you deal with and even though you know It will never be anything it’s something about him that has you hooked? Yep! That’s the situation.  

It was an amazing Tasty Tuesday. 😜

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