Newbies Montanaa + Smurf Cream Enter The City


The leader of the Montanaa Cartel makes his debut with Black Rayne on our RawCityTwinks brand. When asked what kind of dudes he likes, first thing first – ASS. “They gotta ASS lol.” So we decided to call up Smurf Cream to handle him.

Montanaa, a country boy from North Carolina stands 5’10 155lbs and a long 9 inch dick. A top who loves booty but also sucks dick like an expert bottom. Who knew? But Montanaa will be the first to tell ya, can’t nobody sucks meat like him.  His first scene with Black Rayne is def a hit. Check him out below in the preview.

Let’s not forget about Smurf Cream. Not quite a veteran in the industry but has had some experience throwing it back and throwing it back he does. Small waist and phat lil booty he snatched the soul out of Montanaa leaving him completely drained. Let’s take a look.


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