The Grocery Trip

He passed by me at the store and I could feel his eyes on me. I paid it no attention and continued about my shopping.

As I was heading outside I seen him in his car. While putting my bags in the trunk he pulled up on me. He didn’t say anything, he just dropped his card in my grocery bag.

The whole way home, he was on my mind. Who was he? Why was he so bold? Why was he so fineeeeeee?

I got home and text the number,

Me: “So you bold bold!”

Him: “And I got dick dick!”

Me: “Here you go, sir!”

Him: “I haven’t got started yet.”

Me: “If you start I’ll finish.”

Him: “Address!”

It was on from there.

Upon his arrival, he walked in. He looked me up and down and said lemme feel that ass. I directed him to the bedroom and assisted him in taking off his clothes.

While taking off his clothes I learned he was in town for a wedding and he would be here for a week. As he got comfortable on the bed, I put my mouth on his dick. His dick began to grow and it was a pleasant surprise.

He kept his timbs as I did my thing. From dick to thigh to ass to nipples, I sucked all over his body. I tried to eat ass, but he told me to hold off on that. This guy was sexy af and my mouth was at its wettest.

He kept making me stop because he was going to cum. By this point all I wanted was his babies in my mouth. As he tried to push me away, I locked my lips around the head. I continued to put this mouth work on him until he exploded in my mouth. The way his body tensed up made me get wet. He let out a strong, manly moan as he exhaled and laid back in ecstasy.

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  1. Joey says:

    thats hot as fuck bro

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