Kash Dinero: Up Close and Personal


Meet The Man

Kash Dinero or KD100 as he is also known hit the adult film industry with a storm. With a casual tweet that “Porn needs a new face” it was a wrap. Black Rayne scouts quickly reached out and secured Kash Dinero in the halls of Men of the Breed. Soon after entering the industry Kash signed on exclusively to work with Black Rayne Productions and its family of websites. His partnership has taken him all over the country to various events and parties. A model, freak, event host and singer, he is a man of many talents. Check out his interview below.

Ready Set Go…

Kash loves the camera and the camera loves him. Every chance we could we made sure Kash was on set getting snapped. His photos have been seen all over the net and his amazing ability to connect with the cameras has afforded him a spot on the Black Rayne Production team as Creative Director and 1st AD. Check out just a “few” of his shots.

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Its Not Over For Kash

“All things come to an end” says KD. He recently retired from doing movies and is working behind the scenes writing, directing and moving forward his own ambitions. In 2018 Kash released his first single “Fire Baby” on Apple iTunes and its been a hit. Going from event to event to perform his catchy tune he has gained even more recognition, not only as a sexy freaky socialite but a talented and well adept singer and performer. Check out his music video below.

More to come about Kash Dinero. Don’t count him out yet. Kash has much much more to bring to the table.

In meantime check out his new self titled DVD: Kash Dinero – Raw and Wrecked. Four nutt bussin scenes just for you. And be sure to check out his final release from BreeditRaw.net.

Peep The Exclusive Interview with the Man Himself

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