One Bad Decision

He came over so we could kick it. It’s something about the way he talks to me that always has me weak over him.

As he walked in the house his cologne lingered as he walked past me. He kissed me on my neck and I instantly felt my hole get wet. I told him to cut it out and he whispered in my ear, “make me!”

This man is my bad decision for the day and I promise to make the best of it. He use to bully me in high school and I hated him so much. We bumped into each other a few weeks back and he confessed he always wanted to feel my mouth on his dick. I told him how much I hated him and he decided to tell me we could go round for round in the bedroom. You know that turned me on!

After that first night, it’s been an every day or two kind of thing. I still hate him, but I love his stork.

Long, thick mean dick. This that dick that make you late for work. That go to work happy type dick. That nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger type dick. Oh yes! It’s that good.

After he walked in and headed to the room, he said he wanted to try something new tonight. He went into his pocket and pulled out some handcuffs. He looked me dead in my eyes and said, “you’re under arrest for failure to renew your good busy license.” I lost my mind.

I assumed the position. He handcuffed me to the bed post. He wrapped his arms around me and allowed his dick to begin to swell on my back. As his dick extended up my back he began to slide it down my back to the crack of my ass. He spit on it and said “you have the right to remain silent!”

At that moment he let it slide in the hole and all I remember is 37 minutes of passion, lust, sweat, moans and most of all total eruption.

Like I said, he’s my bad decision for the day. What’s yours?


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  1. Vaughn says:

    Love it

  2. Reggie says:

    This is one beautiful black dude. Much love from a fan.

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