Man Musk

If I tried to explain it, I don’t think you would get it. It was something about the way he smelled that drew me to have them. The funny thing about it is that the smell wasn’t one of cologne or oils. It was one of musk, hard work and man.


6’3”, chestnut brown, low cut with 360 waves, nice smile, slim build and smelled like a hard day’s work. We were only supposed to be heading to the skating rink, but when he got to the house I couldn’t help myself. That man scent was calling my name.


We were on the couch chatting it up and I was trying to hold my composure, however, somewhere between how was your day and would you like something to drink I found my mouth wrapped around his dick.


I remember he got up to head to the kitchen. When I looked up from my phone his crotch was in my face. I smelled the man scent even stronger and my mouth began to water. I pulled down his joggers and gave him the business.


This mouth.

This throat.

No teeth.

Extra wet.

Extra bobble.

Non stop.

No hands.



The way he moaned turned me on and I found myself really engaged with his dick. As it began to swell in my mouth, his moans grew stronger and stronger. Before I know it, I felt an eruption in my mouth. I decided to swallow and he began to buckle at the knees. Oh yeah, that man musk turned me into a head monster and I made sure he wouldn’t forget this mouth.


Did I mention this was the second dick I sucked for the day? Yeah! It was raining out. You know that’s when the freak comes out. LoL!


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