Cum Through

He hit me last night, but I was at the Cardi B. Concert so he ended up going home.

Tonight he hit me just as I was waking up from my nap. You know what it means when that “Yo” text comes through.

I hit him back with the “Come on,” so you know what it was bout to be.

He arrived about 6 minutes later. Soon as he walked in he began to get naked. He laid down and I got on my knees and assumed the position.

I began licking on his balls so his dick had time to grow. I bit gently on his inner thigh as I know it sends a chill up his body. As I began to go from left to right his dick started to rise and I swear it was calling my name.

I moved up to the dick and wrapped my lips around it. I allowed the muscles in my cheeks to massage his shaft. I let my tongue glide up, down, and all around the dick as I began to hear his manly moans fill the room.

He took his foot and began to massage my dick. I tried so hard to ignore the pleasure, but the way my pre-release came out, he knew I was enjoying it.

As some of my pre cum got on his toes, I took a break from sucking his dick to lick it off his toes. From there I put his legs up and buried my face in his ass.

This session was in full overdrive. From the ass to the dick, dick to the ass, ass to his feet. I was in my motion and there was no stopping me. Or, so I thought!

Just when I was at my peak excitement my mouth was filled with a special cream that made me stop mid motion and go into straw mode. I sucked it all up to the LAST DROP.

Upon completion, I got him his warm rag. He wiped up and he left. Damn. I love when he cums through.

One day I might ask him his name.

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  1. I love it… always a great read!

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