Fire vs. Thundering

I finally had a chance to meet him. We’ve been talking on Twitter the past few weeks and I could tell I liked his swag. The way we interacted had me really wanting to meet the man behind the keyboard.

We finally decided to meet and kick it. We started off hanging at $2 Tuesdays at Midtown Tavern. The vibe was hella cool and we just kicked it and talked. We decided to go somewhere else to eat and ended up at Joe’s on Juniper. The environment at Joes allowed the conversation to get a little more personal and I could definitely tell something was sparked between us.

He got up to go to the bathroom and something inside me said, “I dare you!” I waited about 2 minutes then I walked in behind him. He had just flushed the toilet and was washing his hands. I pushed him into the stall and slid his pants down. All he did was assume the position and I place my face in his ass and began to suck lightly on his hole. He had that slight man musk on him and his hole was so soft.

I continued to indulge on his hole as if it was ordered off the menu. The way he moaned so softly and began to breathe a little harder turned me on.

I ate his ass like it was a chocolate cake, extra moist, and baked to perfection. This went on for what seemed like forever until I realized we might get caught.

After I pulled his pants up I pushed him on the wall and began to suck on his neck. As I sucked harder I could hear his breathing began to get heavier in my ear. I began to suck from his neck, to his ear, to his cheek and ended up at his mouth. The passionate kiss that was exchanged let me know that I was playing with Fire.

If he was Fire then I was Thunder and this was the start of a War!

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