Dick Appreciation!!

Sometimes all you want to do is bust. However, in this instance I just wanted to swallow.

I didn’t really know him. He was fine af and cool af. The way he walked up to me really had me feeling his vibe. He came back to the house with me and there was no conversation needed.

He lay on the bed and I slid his pants off. He put a pillow over his face so I couldn’t watch his facial expressions. The way his dick began to grow before my eyes had my mouth wett as shytt.

I wrapped my lips around his dick and began to show him how much I appreciated his time. The way I went up and down the shaft of his dick made his dick become hard as a rock.

He started to moan even though he didn’t want to. The more he moaned the more I expressed my appreciation Head.

Thank you for coming over.

Thank you for being so fine.

Thank you for being clean shaven.

Thank you for turning me on.

This was my new Dick and I was always going to be ready for it.

Once he was done he thanked me for my services and began to tell me how good it was.

After he left I text him and asked him if he enjoyed it. He text back and told me he enjoyed my mouth. He asked if he could come back and I told him yes.

Now we begin texting daily and all I can think about is how much I appreciate that dick.

Until next time!


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