MLK Weekend in Atlanta

It’s that time of year and you gotta ask yourself, “Was You Ready?”

It’s that time of the year that the Gay Males decide to pack up and either head to Atlanta or Washington, D. C. to partake in a weekend filled with Fun, Fucking, Sucking, and Brunch! LoL! It also happens to be the weekend we honor Dr. Martin Luther King. J. R.!

I don’t know when or how but ever since I have been grown MLK Weekend has always been referred to a a mini “Pride” weekend due to all of the festivities, freaktivities, and Brunch sessions that take place. LoL! What is it about a gay man and Brunch?? No sa!

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the cumpany of those you met, I want to ensure you had your to-go kit ready.

Based on a few conversations and some slight experience, (ummmm hmmmm) here are my suggestions.

489 condoms

32 Prep Pills

2 Thongs

4 Jockstraps

6 pair of Boxer Briefs

3 sets of handcuffs

4 Dildos

2 disposable cell phones

3 back-up names

2 designated drivers

97 Lollipops

567 sticks of gum

1 church outfit

An ID for every name on the credit cards you have

1 Bestfriend

Did I miss anything?

Oh Yeah!

7 good lies for why you gotta go

1 back-up Jack’d profile

The above items will ensure you have a great weekend. Hopefully the people you roll with know how to go with the flow because all plans are subject to change. #Okray

Also, did you hit all the parties. Each night did you pick a new promoter team to party with. And, did you lose who you came with?

I can’t wait to hear your stories now that you are back home.

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