Protein Shake!

It was one of those mornings.

He had been DMing me all night and he told me he would be over when he got off. Upon his arrival, we started to catch up. He had been out of town a while so we hadn’t seen one another in a few months.

After our catch up convo I began to kiss on his neck. It’s something about how hood he is that really draws me in.

I began to work my way down his body. His shirt is open so I’m all over his chest. As I work my way down I begin to pull down his pants and boxers.

He takes his pants off, then lays back on the bed. I begin to lick on his balls. Sucking each ball and playing ping pong with my tongue. As I continue to treat his balls right his dick begins to get extremely hard. As it stands all the way up it begins to start jumping. I go from the balls to the dick and begin to wrap my lips around the head and work my way down to the shaft. The way his dick is responding to my warm wet mouth has me in awe.

As he begins to exhale heavily and moan softly, I know I got him. The way I am enjoying this dick in my mouth has me in another zone.

As we enjoy what each other brings to the table his dick begins to get extra hard. I decided to give him a treat and I go all the way down and let the dick rest in the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicks in, but I keep going. Yes daddy. Enjoy this throat. Feel this esophagus.

Then the moment comes. He sits part way up and he begins to moan very loud. His dick erupts inside my mouth and I begin to swallow it like it’s milk. Call it a Protein Shake!

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