The DM

It was late at night and I was in bed. It was a long day so all I wanted to do was rest. As I lay in bed, I began to get restless. I decided to scroll through Instagram to see what everyone was up to.

As I began to scroll I got an alert of a DM. Upon checking, I realized it was from the guy whose video I just liked. He said the usual “Thanks for the like.” but, he ended it with a 😜😜. Now, not trying to read too much into it, I simply said, “anytime.”

A few minutes passed and I was about to close the app when a DM came in again. It was him and this time he said, “you promise?” Now I knew what was up and I was ready.

The DMs lead to texting. His first text said, “Freaky and looking to be a Lil Sneaky!” Oh yeah! My reply was simple, “Cum on!” That text lead to a knock at my door and there was no turning back.

When he walked in, there was no need for discussion. I lead him to the room and began to undress him. I pushed him on the bed and began to give him head. The way his dick began to swell in my mouth, I knew he was enjoying the warmth of my mouth and the wetness I was providing. As I began to get more intense with this oral satisfaction he flipped me over and began to eat my ass. The way he used the tip of his tongue like he was licking on an ice cream cone made my body quiver. As he started to swirl his tongue inside my hole as if he was digging for gold made me close my eyes and exhale.

After some explosive oral play, he laid me flat on my stomach and began to slide his dick in. He made sure to take his time to ensure I felt every inch as it went in me. As he slid into the second hole I let out a light moan which made him lay on my back and whisper in my ear, “you like this dick, don’t you?” As I attempted to say yes he increased the energy in his stroke. He began to pound the booty like it was being punished for being so good.

Shit! Fuck! Ahhhhh! Daddy! Damn! Ahhhhhh! Yes! Give it to me! It’s yours! All yours! Ahhhhhhhh! Damn! Stop! Oh! Please! Daddy! Daddy! Daddyyyyyyyy!

Oh yeah! You like this Dick! You want all this dick! Take all this shytt! Nah, don’t run! Handle this wood. Yeah! Take it! Make this dick spit! Make me explode in you! Damn! This some good ass! This my ass now! Nah, I ain’t stopping! You gone take this dick! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

As he released inside of me, I could feel his juices trying to find their way. I lay there as he let it all out in me. He began to take normal breaths as the excitement had him breathing heavy. As he got up, I turned over and started to lick the juices off. He almost lost his balance as I ran my tongue around the head. As he regained his strength, he started to put his clothes on.

He told me he appreciated our time as I walked him to the door. Before I said goodbye, he looked me in my eyes and said “I bet you’ll remember that DM!”

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