Man Scent

I don’t know what it is about his scent, but it gets me every time. We argue. We fight. But when he comes over, it’s that scent that does it for me.

Earlier today we argued, because he doesn’t believe that I work as much as I do. Between running my business, casting for upcoming projects, managing my clients, and maintaining a few schedules for celebs, my free time is very limited. We always get into it when he starts to feel neglected and today was no different.

He started out with the “see how you do me!” And I hit him with the “here you go.” After going back and forth for a few messages I told him I think it would be best if we just went our own ways. He told me to be that way and lose his number. I said I would oblige and continued about my day.

After a day full of meetings and event planning I was grabbing dinner in Midtown and heading to the house. As I turned onto 10th St. I get a text saying “Suk Me Up!” You already know who it was from. I giggled and you know me, I text back, “Ok!”

After getting home and getting settled, I asked him if he was ready. He advised he was, so I ordered his Uber to get him. Upon his arrival, I smelt it. That smell of all day and man. The smell that I love on him. The funny thing is he doesn’t have a job, but somehow always smells like a 8 hour shift in a warehouse.

I lead him to the bedroom and he took it all off. As he lay on the bed, I got between his legs. I began to explore his inner thigh with my tongue. Up his left thigh, across his pubic hairs, down his right thigh then into the balls.

I explored his man area with nothing but natural mouth moisture and thick tongue until his dick was rock solid in my mouth. Once he was ready, he said “let me in,” and I assumed the position.

Face down, ass up, he slid his finger in to open my hole up. His finger felt so good going in and out I almost thought I was going to cum. When he put his dick in, my hole began to swallow him. The way he stroked me in and out made me forget about my day and let my body enjoy this experience. Stroke after stroke he reminded me of why I love him but hate him, but love his stroke so much. Then, just when I was about to exhale, he bust all up in me.

As he began to get dressed I ordered his Uber home. After he left and I got back in my bed, and all I could smell was that man scent.

Wanna smell??

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