What’s His Name?

Every time we text, we seem to argue. For whatever reason he annoys my whole spirit. He can’t dress. He’s not that cute. And the dick isn’t all that big. However, it’s something about the way he strokes it and lets his but ooze inside of me. It does something to me.

Usually he’ll roll through and we talk for 2-3 minutes before I start to suck his dick. I love sucking his dick because he always has after work smell about him even though he has no job. LOL!

But I do what it does and he enjoys this mouth. The way he closes his eyes and allows me to do what I want, I love it.

Then when he’s ready, he says, “Gimmie that ass!” And, I assume the mauthafukken position. He slides it in real slow. He allows each hole to open on its own. Once he feels that second hole let him in he goes bananas.

It’s wet. It’s tight. It’s right. And, he thinks it’s his. Keyword “thinks!” But for that moment, it is his. And just when he can’t take it no more I feel this warm, thick liquid oozing inside of me. I love it. All of it. Give it to me. Don’t pull out until you have no more.

Then I send him home. Oh yeah, I always forget to ask him his name.

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  2. pius says:

    I like that fuck

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