The Stop By

He hit me in my DM and asked me where I was. I guess I didn’t answer fast enough because his next DM said “Wake Up!” Finally, I told him I was home and he said he was on his way.

As I prepared for his arrival I had to freshen up. I decided to go with the Pumpkin Vanilla fragrance to add some fun to the link up. I unlocked the door and headed back to my room. I turned down the lights and set the Pandora station to “Meek Mill Radio.” As Jeezy was playing I heard the door lock. He walked in the room and began to undress. Tonight he had on a button down and a pair of slacks. This was unusual as he is a 100% Block nukka. I asked him where he had been and he told me he had an interview. He said he got the job so I knew I had to take extra good care of him.

As he slid onto the bed, I began to open his legs. I climbed in the middle and began to suck on his balls. As I began to caress them gently with my tongue, his dick started to rise. Upon full erection I began at the head and worked my way down to the base. Tonight was special because he was zestfully clean. I’m use to the traces of weed and the block, but tonight it was all freshness.

I began to get more into it and my mouth started to make extra wetness that even I wasn’t accustomed to. As my spit began to run down his dick to his balls, then to his thigh, he began to moan softly as he enjoyed my mouth on a whole new level.

Taking my time and using my mouth and throat I helped him reach his maximum release. As he began to ooze in my mouth I went all the way down to the base. The way his cum found its way down my throat made me begin to pre ejaculate. It was a moment of bliss for us both and I was in overtime as his back raised up off the bed and he yelled “FUCK!” Yeah baby. I had done it again. This nukka was hooked on this mouth and his girlfriend was still waiting to be picked up….

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