A Walk in the Park

We were supposed to be taking a stroll in the park. It was a beautiful day outside and the mood was just right for a stroll followed by a few drinks.

As we began to walk my mind started to wander. I wondered if he could be the one. I never really thought I would settle down, but being with him really made me happy.

As we began to cross the bridge, he grabbed my hand tightly. It sent a chill down my spine as his touch alone makes me weak (and wett). Nearing the end of the bridge, he pulled me off to the side and began to bite on my neck. I was in awe as we were in public and I was so afraid we would get caught.

He pushed me up on a tree and began to have his way with me. As his mouth explored my neck, his fingers began to explore my hole. I closed my eyes and got lost in ecstasy. The next thing I know I was on my knees in my new Levi’s with his dick in my mouth. I didn’t know rather to be mad about my jeans or happy about this spontaneous experience.

My mind started to get into what was going on and the risk of being caught really made me enjoy the experience just that much more. As I began to suck with more passion and longer strokes, he began to moan even louder. The louder he got, the more afraid I got. Would someone hear him? Is anyone coming? So much was running through my head that I didn’t realize I was swallowing cum.

I did it. I had made it through my first spontaneous outdoor experience and I loved it.

Have you ever had an outdoor experience? If so, how was it?

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