All About D!

Last week I had the chance to meet Duriel on set. From the moment he walked in I was in awe of his beauty and body. The way he commanded attention when he walked in the room forced you to pay attention to his stride. The way his cologne filled the air as he walked from room to room. He smelled like one of those fragrances they keep locked up behind the glass. One of the ones that they never let you hold when you want to test it.

When he began to undress the way the light hit his body I began to get wet. His abs are chiseled for the Greek godz. The vein running down his dick had my mouth beginning to water. His beautiful feet made my foot fetish begin to go wild. All the while I had to hold my composure. He is the model and I am the Production Director, I must keep my cool. Not since Khi Lavene had I been turned on so much.

As he walked towards me to go over the game plan I began to feel a throbbing in my pants. As he licked his lips the natural moisture left behind made me wish I was a droplet. His voice low by nature made me feel like I was going to go weak in the knees. He is everything I have ever wanted in a man and I am literally about to bust.

As he shook my hand a jolt of coolness ran up my spine followed by a warming sensation causing me to begin to leak. He had me at my climax point and he hadn’t even started his solo scene.

As the day went on and the shoot came to an end, I realized that I had experienced my first ever wet dream while awake. Furthermore, after the release of this solo scene, as the fans started to talk, I realized I wasn’t alone. It really is all about Duriel!

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