Make Me Feel Good

Sometimes I just want to feel good. Not in an emotional way but in a physical way.

Lay me down. Kiss on my neck. Make your way down to my belly button. Kiss my navel. Head down to the dick. Make me feel like you appreciate me. Wrap my legs around your neck and eat this ass like groceries.

Sometimes all we need is a good oral session after a long day!

However, doesn’t it seem like when you want it the most, everyone gets on your nerves the most? LoL!

What happened to the days when a sex buddy was a sex buddy and as soon as you sent the “Sup” message, they knew exactly what it was? Does that exist for anyone anymore?

Furthermore, I miss the sex buddies I didn’t have to talk to. LoL! I don’t care how your day was. I don’t care about anything. Walk in this house. Let me do what I want to you. You do what you want to me, and we depart accordingly.

What about you? Do you have a sex buddy? If so, do they act right?

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  1. JD Blackstone says:

    Yes, I have a few sex buddies & they don’t know how to act. I totally agree about how they used to be like but now they want you to check in and shit and I’m not with it, I guess that’s why my turnover rate is so high.

  2. Annonomous says:

    My Sex so good they be wanting to much. Like Boy let’s have this Vers set and keep it pushing. One of my Sex buddies was mad because i only wanted on my time. Well if your topping me only it’s def a ON MY TIME or no time at all. All in all. My Sex buddies are falling off slowing so i need to reup on some new ones!

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