Taco Tuesday Week 1

Every Tuesday, we go to this spot in Midtown for Taco Night. Not only are the tacos bomb, but it gives the crew time to kick it as a family. Being regulars we sit at the same table every week. This week there were some new faces at the table next to us. Not to say we know everyone there, but it’s one of those scenes that definitely has its regulars.

The guy to my immediate left seemed to be the HNIC. The whole table looked to him for acknowledgment as they talked. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by him as he sat back in his seat with a slight lean in his posture. He had to be about 6’ 5” 260-279 pounds. He had a deep chestnut brown complexion and a beautiful set of brown eyes. He had all his teeth with a smile fit for a king.

I’ll admit, he had a certain air about him and I was intrigued. We locked eyes a few times, but nothing serious. As the night continued, we dipped, hit a few spots and called it a night at around 3:30 am. Heading home, I began to wonder if I would see him again. But I laughed it off. You know how you never see who you want to see, but see everybody you don’t. LOL!

Pulling into my driveway, I seen a car pull in behind me. I was ready to fight, but I seen the smile through my rear view and realized it was him. Against my better judgement, I got out the car. He stepped out the car and began to laugh!

I said, “I don’t know you so I can’t figure out why you’re here.”

He said, “I’m a man who gets what he wants and I wanted to know where I could find you!”

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or mad as hell. LOL! However, I just said “ok.”

I can’t tell you exactly what happened, all I remember is falling to my knees and his dick falling in my mouth. The way my tongue decided to wrap around his shaft and began to massage his tip. The way He decided to slow stroke my mouth forcing me to allow him to enter my throat. Damn Daddy!

As I began to allow myself to get lost in the rhythm, I could hear his moans grow louder and louder. His dick began to swell as he started to reach his peak. As he began to lose control of his body, he allowed his juices to spill onto my tongue. Reminding me of a perfect blend of tangy and sweet I began to indulge in the thirst quencher he provided me.

As it drew to an end he leaned back on his car and began to catch his breath. I got up and proceeded to walk to my front door. No words were needed as the night recap had been exchanged.

I wonder if I’ll see him next week for Taco Tuesday!

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  1. Maurice Gagnon says:

    Well If your ever looking for a smooth white chub total bottom who loves black cock and cum let me know im always available

  2. Would you guys ever put a TS on screen?

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