Has Sex become a Sport

It’s no secret that sex has become something that many people love to do. For some, it is an art of expression, and for others a release of aggression. LoL!

However, I had a conversation recently and it brought something to light. During this conversation, the individual stated that “sex has become a sport” to them. Hmm! This leads us to wonder, has the passion and desire that once was apart of sexual encounters been lost?

Let’s be honest. You can get it on an App. You can purchase it from a Page. You can even get it from hitting a DM. Not to mention, you can Snap it in some cases. LoL!

Don’t get it twisted, we get that sometimes sex is just to get a nut. However, is it more often just to get a nut?
Does true sexual desire among two individuals happen anymore? Moreso, does true sexual pleasure during sex exist anymore?

Talking with Mr. Black Rayne himself, Kash Dinero, he made it clear that anytime he has sex he takes pride in making sure that his partner is very satisfied. This lets me know that the desire for satisfaction still exists.

When it comes to your sexual experiences lately do they seem more for sport?

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