The Intruder

You walk in the house and a gun is pulled on you. He blindfolds you and tells you to put your hands behind your back and he handcuffs you. He proceeds to lead you to the bedroom where he begins to undress you layer by layer.

As you stand there in shock, you can feel the cold steel pressing against the different parts of your body as he continues to undress you. Finally, after you are butt naked he pushes you on the bed and begins to trace your body with the tip of the gun. As he gets into your private areas your dick begins to grow from the unexpected attention. He laughs and begins to kiss the tip of your dick. From the tip he begins to caress your balls with his tongue.

As you start to ease your body by accident, you realize that you no longer feel the barrel of the gun on your body. Upon realizing that the gun is no longer on your body, you feel a warm wet mouth wrapped around the shaft of your dick. As your body begins to enjoy the sensation you realize that you are about to climax. He says to you, “let me taste them juices” and you release all down his throat.

Upon your release of pleasure he says to you, “I’m going to take the handcuffs off, but you have to promise not to fight!” You agree and he begins to take the handcuffs off.

Once the cuffs are off, he starts to kiss on the back of your neck…

What do you do next??

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  1. Tanz says:

    This is my idea of a good time! Lol I’m playing but it sounds like a fantasy in which I’d already be down for. I would have questions afterwards tho. You can’t just blow my mind like that and walk back outta my life. I like that spontaneous shit lol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds fun and exciting heart beating moment quite intense!!!! I would fuck them like they stole something out my house then when we finish we gone talk about this gun thing hahaha

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