Which Position has more Fun?

When it comes to sexual positions, the question of who has more fun has been floating around for a while.

Tops– get to dig in the booty and make their sex partner feel all they have to offer. Most Tops can usually control the situation given the right position and the right stroke.

Bottoms- get to dominate the dick with their walls (if they have any). Some bottoms are able to make a top submit to them if their throwback game is phenomenal. And, if you get the right bottom with the right bounce who can ride a dick like a motorbike, it can be a moment of extreme sexual cumtastic bliss.

Vers– known as the best of both worlds. Able to throw the dick and take it. However, can one be great at BOTH seems to be the ultimate question!

Ultimately, is one not greater than the other? Does it not just depend on the person and/or situation.

I challenge you with this…… Tell us YOUR position, and let us know WHICH position you think has the most fun and why.

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  1. Nadji says:

    Well i think this is more subjective. Im a top and I would say I have the most fun, but that’s my opinion. Sex should be fun and how ever you like reguardless of position. When we start putting one position as being more fun than others, we start getting into what I call position shaming, i.e. the bottom shaming that happens or even the fem shaming. At the end of the day, to each his own ☺

    1. Breed It Raw says:

      Great perspective.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Jaylon says:

    Verse Dudes 🤤👅❤️😍

  4. Malik says:

    It’s whatever you like. I’m a bottom, I thoroughly enjoy getting dicked down. If my partner asks, I will top, but I don’t love it as much as bottoming. Just me.

  5. Olson says:

    Bottom and I love it. I don’t think any position gets more fun, I love to be bitched out n fucked deep n I prefer tops who r dominant n enjoy submissive bottoms

  6. Que says:

    I’m a top. But I’m pretty sure verse guys have more fun because they can do more. Duh.

  7. Francis V says:

    Top, bottom or Vers. I indentify as Top. I do like to bottom sometimes. I had to experience both sides, so I would comfortable in my own skin. However, how you enjoy sex and your own personal life is totally up to you. Don’t let the drama and revenge over take you.

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