The War on Head

When it comes to GOOD HEAD what makes it GOOD?

Is it the amount of wetness?

The amount of throat?

The amount of suction?

What makes Head good for you?

Here at Breed It Raw we like it all. The nastier the better. The wetter the better. The more people the better. LoL!

However, what makes Head good is the level of skill the head giver has. It’s not about one specific thing. It’s about the head giver being able to read the person they are sucking to know what they enjoy.

When you first start sucking the first 2 minutes should be your time to play around with the Dick and get a feel for what the person reacts to. Start with some slow sensual head. Then progress to some speed racer type head. Then do a few tricks on the Dick with your tongue. See what the reactions are like.

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to test then rely on your throat. You can never go wrong with some good throat on a dick. LoL!

It’s your turn now though. Tell us what is GOOD HEAD for you?

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  1. Jamar says:

    I like a nigga who know how to grip my dick with they jaws, deepthroat mah dick, that good suction action with a lil wetness to it, jack mah dick in they throat no hands till a nigga nut.

    1. Breed It Raw says:

      Damn. That sounds like a good session.

  2. Tanz says:

    I’m not even necessarily big on oral sex. I can pretend to be tho. Especially if I’m feeling the dude. I’ve only bust from head once. This dude sucked me in the backseat at a school parking lot. He was slurpin and doing hella tricks. I was shocked he was so advanced and turned up on me like that. I was young tho. Grew up and rather just go ahead and get to the cheeks. Maybe somebody gone change that.

  3. Nana says:

    Suck me till i ask “where the F you learnt that from “…. Drool on ma dick that’s how wet i want it to….. The suction should be like removing a suction cap from a glass wall…. Make it feel like you’re uprooting ma dick from ma groin

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