How Do You Like to Be Fucked

When’s the last time someone asked you how you liked to be fucked? Better yet, when’s the last time you really put some thought into how you like to be fucked? With sex being in our face at all times now the art of pleasing your partner become lost? Has pleasure been replaced by the desire to just bust a nut?

When it comes to sex pleasing the other person is an art. You have to take the time to learn their spots. Care enough to read their reaction to the way you touch, kiss, lick, stroke, and bite them.

Again, I ask, “How Do You Like to Be Fucked? Fast? Slow? Sensual? Hard? Soft? Tag Teamed? Upside Down? Sideways?

With this in mind, we asked the Prince of, Prince Karmel how he likes to be fucked and the answer was a sticky situation.

Prince Karmel:

How I like to get fucked? When I fuck I like to get nasty. When I say Nasty, like get real nasty with it, Don’t just b boring af with it either. BEND ME OVER ,eat tf out my ass, PULL MY HAIR, play with my ass with your finger, lick it baby and spit on my shyt, put that tongue all in my ass n eat tf out my ass (NEVER SAY I AINT FEED YOU)!!! Slide that dick in my ass n deepstroke my shyt n kiss on my neck n pull my hair TALK NASTY to me while u beating my guts in. Now, if im riding yo dick grab on my ass kiss my nipples SQUEEZE MY ASS baby boy! Tell me to ride that dick. Put me on my back n let me hold my legs back to my head n you slide that dick in and out ….IN AND OUT….go slow…n faster….pound my shyt like u aint never fucked before. Put my legs on your shoulder n kiss me and talk nasty to me while u sliding yo dick n my ass. Let see them ab muscles work while u fucking me on my back like u in the gym doing a ab workout. I want you to BUST THAT FAT NUT YOU BEEN HOLDING all on me!!

Your turn, tell us how you like to be fucked……

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  1. TravoyintheFlesh says:


  2. Case says:


  3. Trapped says:

    I did like to be fucked in all possible styles

  4. Ciroc Nastyy says:

    CirocNastyy B:😝🍑💦likes it’s real nasty wet and slow . If you ever get a chance to hit this ass , baby you better dance in and ware it out !!! Talk to me dirty let me know it’s yours All Night Long ….. all in all i like spontaneous wild passionate sex !! Nice & Slow 😜😍💯💦 P.S. please don’t forget to eat my ass out like it’s your meal
    CirocNastyy T: 😝🍆💦Let me eat that pussy up suck the pussy up fuck the pussy up wit my tongue . Imma nibble on that booty suck and massage that booty !! Finger that hole get it wet and ready , jus slide my tip in so i can hear that first moan . Push your back in make it arch then slide my dick in . I like to move around different positions jus giving u a CIROCNASTYY BEATDOWN

    1. Breed It Raw says:

      Wow. You like it Wett and Nasty we see.

  5. Dark Knight says:

    First off; I’m a Scorpio, so you already know how we get down…..NASTY AF! I like my ass ate (eat up) til I start running from the tongue (hard to do😎), suck my dick until I tap out (good luck), and fuck me until we both pass out from a awesome climax (nut). I like to be fucked hard with a twist of nice and slow in there. However, I’m very moody so you’ll have to gage that on that first stroke. I HATE BORING SEX SO IF WE NOT IN THE MOMENT (mostly me), YOU GOTTA GO! I like to be fuck hard because if you have the ability to make me gush and having my ass sound like fresh homemade Mac and Cheese, then you hitting my shit correctly👌🏾! I majority like getting fucked from the back but I love watching the art of sex on my back as my prostate is being stroked or banged causing me to loose control and making that dick wet and creamy! Afterwards, i want you to explode that load in me so hard to where I can taste it while I shoot this shit in ya face while you fucking me! Yep, I’m a true Scorpio and it all belongs to my bf FYI!😘😘😘

  6. Matthew Cenaffra says:

    I would like to be long hard fast and slow and deep.

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