The Moby Experience @black_rayne @KingKhiLavene2 @DaddiDecent #JoinTheBreed

Seekers of intensity and passion need to look no further, as Khi Lavene and Daddi Decent deliver just that. Watch—and maybe take notes—as Daddi Decent gives Khi Lavene head that we can only hope feels as amazing as it looks. Of course, not to be outdone, Khi Lavene returns the favor in the form of a dick-down that Daddi Decent is unlikely to forget.

Watch the two stars move from one position to another, like a dance, sweating more and more with each change, until Khi Lavene blows his load all over Daddi Decent’s face before helping Daddi Decent get his own nut. There are no disappointments here, but, as a fan of Breeditraw, you already knew that!

Watch the World Premiere of “The Moby Experience”

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