Pre-Game Shenanigans – Watch the FULL Directors CUT @black_rayne @KingKhiLavene2 @MontanaaPapi @princeleewilson #JoinTheBreed

Been a min since these guys had worked on set together. On this particular day, Montanaa, Prince Lee and Khi Lavene arrive around the same time and the energy could not have been more in tandem. Starts with the newbie Prince Lee and Black Rayne Veteran Montanaa doing a lil flip flop sucky sucky. This was NOT a planned scene nor was it part of any other scene. These freaks made their own scene just to warm up.

The way Montanaa slurped, throated and made the dick disappear will make an head hunter thirsty for more. But heres the deal, the facial, the banter the raw passion is undeniable. We hope you like this freebie. Find a dick to suck today!

PreGame Workout
Watch the Full Directors Cut

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  1. Shawn Thompson says:

    The scene is fire. When will you release new DVDs?

  2. BoA says:

    When is Montanaa going to finally bottom?!

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