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As soon as you see the way Ford is stroking his dick, you just know he means business. With Papi Suave, he finds his match. Beautiful, thick, and uncut, Ford’s dick seems to be perfect for Papi Suave’s ass, but Papi’s moans make it clear that Ford’s piece isn’t for the faint of heart.

Papi Suave’s perfectly round cakes ain’t nothing to play with, either, and watching Ford grab them as Papi Suave rides his dick is one of the hottest moments of the scene. Big uncut dick and furry ass lovers to the front—this one’s for you!

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Meet The Stars…

Papi Suave

Papi Suave stepped into the world of porn the same way he entered his scenes: full of confidence and ready to take up space. He gave himself a start by posting pictures of his ass on Instagram. When instagram suspended his account, he simply took his talents to Twitter, where he was welcomed and supported also immediately, after sharing pictures of his dick as well as solo videos. Not too long after, studio directors began calling, and Papi began making films with them. Papi Suave is known for his perfect ass (complete with a little fur, for those who love that) and expert-level dick-sucking skills, and behind the scenes he’s known for his business-oriented outlook and his dedication to fair and dignified treatment of models in the industry. When asked what advice he’d give to newcomers, suave says: “no your worth and let the work speak for itself”. Follow Papi Suave on Twitter, at: @jesus_really_ .


Dark-skinned, dreamy-eyed, and tastefully tattooed, FORD is already incredible to look at even before you get to the main attraction—his massive, girthy, uncut dick. His facial hair adds a bit of maturity to his handsomely chiselled face, and he is muscular without looking like he overdoes it in the gym. This self-described “power top” hails from the South (Houston, TX, to be exact), so that his roughness comes with a sensuality, isn’t surprising. FORD is also full of interesting surprises: he’s a “guy’s guy”, but longs for a good bromance. He has a wife (he identifies as bisexual), but in his ideal situation, his woman wants both him and his guy. He masturbastes, but his goal there is also to take others on a journey during his time with himself.

FORD started his career on his own—he began posting amateur content on Twitter and PornHub, and before long, the fans started to flock. He is new to the Black Rayne Productions family, but fans will quickly see that he knows his way around a body.

Though he’s a power-top, he’s not above sucking some dick if the vibe is right, so who knows—you may get a treat if you keep your eyes on FORD.

FORD is a dog-lover, educated, a veteran, and a vegetarian, and aims to become a mogul in the world of adult entertainment. Follow him on Twitter at @_TheNameIsFORD

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