JaMarco: Meet The FNG @JamarcoJakyle @black_rayne MenOfTheBreed.net

Country boy swag.

What do you think of the New Guy?

In his own words

We met Jamarco about 10 years ago. He was shy and ready but more shy than ready. So as time past he kept in touch. Our team was scheduled to be in Dallas, TX for filming so we told him to come thru for a photoshoot. After seeing how sexy Magus Faust was and how that ass was wet and ready, he wanted to FUCK, and thats what they did.

So imagine we throw him a wild card who goes by the name MISTER BUCK. It was all over for poor Magus’ throbbing pussy. They took turns drilling his hole and I DO MEAN DRILLING! When it was all said and done, he gave it a thumbs up, but more like DICK UP! Check out the Fuckin New Guy!

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