Get Off To Drummer Boi – A Self Proclaimed Slut

With 13 years under his belt, this self proclaimed slut is still milking dicks. A southern boy with charm Drummer Boi has worked with industry legends like Shorty J, Breion Diamond, Romeo St. James and many others. This time hes coming to show the breed what hes made of. In an all revealing interview Drummer Boi explains how much he LOVES men stating, “men are fucking nasty, they’re dogs, and I fucking love that.”

Put him in the middle of a group of big throbbing dicks and DB is not gonna let one drop go to waste. Did somebody say Blow Bang? Yessir, “I want all that cum” says the 32 year old very young looking model.

The interview speaks for itself…LETS GO!

Drummerboi: Up Close and Personal (Interview)

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And to that end, the photoshoot, letting it all hang out.

Dat Arch…THE ASSS on Drummer Boi- Meet The FNG

Drummer Boi + Demertios Long (Behind the Screams)

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