The FNG: Quai Quai

He’s got a smile that will make anyone melt. Quai Quai (pronounced “kway kway) is a self-described “fun size” dude who for the most part likes to work, make money and just chill. Oh, and dont forget buss a nutt 2 or 3 times a day, “on average”. LOL He’s pretty shy and soft spoken, until he takes off them clothes and gets a phat booty in his face. THEN ITS ON!

We met this lil sexy a few months ago as an applicant to the breed. After talks and chats we decided to “GET THIS THING POPPIN!” This fellas showed up and wowed us all. His smile, his body, his big creamy cumshots. You gonna love this new meat.

We still tryna get him to bottom lmao…AND WE CERTAINLY will cause he got a nice pretty hole and ass too. Check out his interview and get to know the FUCKING NEW GUY! #FNG

A Chat With the New Guy

Should we add Quai Quai to the Breed?
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RCT Debut: Quai Quai + Mysterio

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