Pheonix Fellington with 9.5 @amipheonix @black_rayne #JoinTheBreed

“I’m just 5’8, but with a 9.5”, Phoenix Fellington cheekily announces in a tweet. If you needed any clues as to how comfortable he is about sharing his body with the world. Pheonix Fellington is not a new face in adult entertainment (a factor that likely contributes to his confidence in this space), and for many, he is a veteran—the first porn star they fell for when they began exploring their own sexuality. What he doesn’t have in height, he more than makes up for with his dick, sense of control in the bedroom, and his personality. Another tweet from Fellington reads: “Once they meet me, people realize there’s actually something behind the social media curtains…I’m a pretty chill vibe and I’m a busy person. No drama in my life”. Longtime fans know this to be true, and newcomers are welcome to discover for themselves the greatness of Pheonix Fellington.

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Pheonix Fellington (Hot or Not?)
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Breed It Raw Exclusive: “All That Butt” feat. Pheonix Fellington + Kylan Kiddo

From the first moments of their encounter, Pheonix Fellington and Kylan Kiddo share space and interact with each other as if they’ve known each other their whole lives (down the line, we see that they fuck that way, too). They’re both oral, and Kylan Kiddo bottoms. Kylan, being the more verbal of the two, keeps the intensity up with his moans, to which Phoenix responds with harder strokes. They’re not moving into every room in the house; they pick one or two locations and make it their spot, and get to business, before ending with a mutual jackoff session. One more thing—folks with a special interest in dick size will enjoy this scene—these two are packing. 

All That Butt Preview

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  1. rextrek says:

    Pheonix is a BABE! Gorgeous Cock…Handsome Man….RAW SeX….I wouldn’t let’m Pull OUT! I’d want his Load Ballz Deeep…XXX’s!

  2. Emmanuel Adams says:

    U look hot 🔥🍆🍆

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