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By the time you reach the end of this scene, you won’t know what hit you, and probably will have lost count of all the parts that almost made you cum just from watching. Krave Melanin and Duriel give a masterclass in fucking. Watching Duriel’s reddish-brown skin against Krave’s rich dark body is an experience, but the sexy contrast gets even more unbelievable when Duriel wraps his lips against Krave’s arm-sized dick.

World Premiere – Clash of the Titans (Krave + Duriel)

Then there’s Duriel’s own dick, standing rock hard even when he’s not touching it. Then, the actual fucking; the way Krave prounds Duriel like he’s trying to teach him something; then there’s Duriel’s moans; and then, Duriel cumming the biggest load on his stomach with Krave still inside him (not to be outdone, Krave drizzles Duriel’s hole with his juice, too). Best part: no matter what the two stars are doing together they bring a playfulness out of each other, and there’s something so sexy about two powerhouses not taking themselves too seriously, even when they know they’re the center of attention.

Behind The Scenes Access – Krave’s Milk Bath

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The Smoke Break

Almost caught fuckin on the porch…

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